Nintendo’s showcase of all things indie happened today, showing off some of the upcoming titles for Nintendo’s hardware with an indie twist. Which is a nice change from seeing pure Nintendo franchises being rolled out in these kinds of formats. The games shown were:

  • Ooblets: Coming later this summer, Ooblets is a Pokemon-style game where you collect pets. Who dance. And farm, maybe?
  • Batora Lost Heaven: Launching later this year (Autumn), this is much hyped and looks great!
  • ElecHead: A 2D puzzle platformer developed by 1 person. The goal is to watch out where you’re going, and is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer!
  • Soundfall: A rhythm fighter with loot and shooter mechanics (keep up!). Launching today!
  • Wildfrost: A tactical roguelike deck builder game launching later this year.
  • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: Other than having a wonderful name, this is coming in summer.
  • GUNBRELLA: A side-scrolling 2D noir-punk western action adventure hits Switch later in summer.
  • We Are OFK: A music biopic narrative game set in Downtown LA with weekly episodes by OFK is coming in summer.
  • SILT: A wonderful, hand drawn ocean puzzle adventure game where you can possess sea creatures. Releases in June.
  • MINI MOTORWAYS: This is a puzzle game where you design the highways and try to control the city. Huge on Apple Arcade, now coming to Switch today.
  • Wayward Strand: A narrative game set in 1970s Australia, where everything unfolds at the same time in realtime. Launching in July.
  • Cult of the Lamb: A procedurally generated game is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.
  • Anothers Crab’s Treasure: A soulslike crab game, coming later this year.
  • Showcases were then given to OneShot: World Machine Edition, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, Idol Manager, Card Shark, Cursed to Golf & A Guidebook of Babel & OPUS: Echo of Starsong.

Overall it was a solid showing, though felt a little lacklustre overall. I think the expectation of Silksong being teased with more information & a date maybe dampened the affair. But overall there’s clearly still life left in Switch!