Seeing photographs of Jeremy Corbyn, the former UK Labour leader, play a variant of Doom on an arcade machine where the primary objective is to kill Margaret Thatcher, sparked a thought.

For too many years, we’ve heard the debate about gaming as a vehicle for artistic expression, or not. Or as a vehicle for political satire or commentary, or not. And here, in 2022, we see an open source game being used as a bit of rib-poking political tomfoolery, legitimate political fodder and artistry all-in-one.

So many years of Edge Magazine or similar commentariat words spilled into whether technology behind gaming could ever achieve such things. And in one simple tweet, we see a beautiful example of all three being knocked over together.

And to me, that’s a teeny tiny, local sign that we’ve gone way beyond the “coming of age” threshold for gaming as a vehicle for commentary, politics or art. Now, even “old” people (like yours truly) have grown up with the gaming medium. So the debate can be well & truly put to sleep. Much like 100 years ago when, undoubtedly, people asked the same questions of motion pictures.

This also ticks the box of allowing me to use corbyn, doom, thatcher as tags for this post. Not something I had on my bingo card for this week.