The PS5 has, thus far, been good for Sony. Lots of great titles harnessing the power of the console early in it’s cycle, and plenty of hype around it to keep sales flowing. But you can’t rest on your laurels in the games industry. Particularly when you’re up against new entrants to compete against (notably Steam Deck & a rumoured new Switch) and Microsoft swallowing up as much publisher houses as they can muster.

But, according to a few folks, it seems Sony is cooking up a big year. And this week seems like the week where Sony will drop new information on at least 3 big items. So, putting my speculative glasses on, I’m going to propose what they might be.

  • PSVR2: Stands to reason that a release date and pricing should come along soon, especially if they want to hype up preorders for Q3/4. Expect game titles to be teased and announced through summer, particularly in the key May/June window when we typically would have had a full E3 program.
  • Spartacus: The project dubbed Spartacus internally at Sony, “GamePass clone” externally should see the light of day. Since this is a software release, expect a pretty quick turnaround on this getting into your hands. I would suspect a big announcement ahead of PS5 firmware updates and a switcheroo on the PS Storefront.
  • God of War 2: We’re getting into that window of the year where new releases are slim on the ground, particularly big AAA ones. It’s a great time to get back to the catalogue and try to revisit old friends (Cyberpunk) and make progress in games you dropped mid-flight (Deathloop, Horizon). Stands to reason that Sony would bridge the gap with some hype on 2022 releases.
  • Knack: The trademark just got announced. The memes will be stronger than the game, but the game will be perfectly serviceable.