Bits & bytes for April 20th 2024

Much like the prior week, I've done very little actual gaming. I updated and bought my first Playdate game (Lucas Pope's Mars After Midnight). But I've not had much time with work and life. My wife has been away, so I'm solo with the kids outside of work. But next week I'm traveling to California again, so I'll have some quality time with the Steam Deck. I've bought Children of the Sun & Planet Crafter based on recommendations so I'll give them both a bash. Alongside OlliOlli World, which I am loving. And New Star GP, which is brilliant.

I have dipped back into Earthbound as it's a game that escaped me when I was a kid and I genuinely love it. The cycle of fighting snakes or birds as you roam around can get a bit tedious as it blocks the story progression, but other than that it's an extremely clever title. And it pops, genuinely pops like a modern game, on the Analogue Pocket.


What I'm playing this week:

  • Earthbound