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Bits & bytes for April 20th 2024

Much like the prior week, I've done very little actual gaming. I updated and bought my first Playdate game ( Lucas Pope's Mars After…

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Published on 15 hours ago

Bits & bytes for April 13th 2024

Not much going on this week as a result of work, travel and just general busy-ness. I didn't get to play much during the week, save for…

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Published on 8 days ago

Bits & bytes for April 5th 2024

I have a link below to an open tab around opaque mechanics. And increasingly I'm finding that almost a third of modern games are spent…

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Published on 16 days ago

Bits & bytes for March 30th 2024

I noted last week that Nintendo's DMCA on Yuzu spawned some new Switch emulators, thanks to the open-source nature of Yuzu. And now Nintendo…

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Published on 22 days ago