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Published on 2 minutes ago

Bits & bytes for May 11th 2024

Reading about GDC and other trade shows that happened over the last few weeks, it's a bit harrowing to hear two odd narratives clash within…

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Published on 19 hours ago

Bits & bytes for May 3rd 2024

Next week I'm off to NYC and while I'm enjoying my current roster of games, I need something meaty to keep me occupied in-between movies. We…

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Published on 9 days ago

Bits & bytes for April 27th 2024

Full of beans, I was excited to play one or two new titles on the Steam Deck this week given it was a relatively big travel week for me. I…

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Published on 15 days ago

Bits & bytes for April 20th 2024

Much like the prior week, I've done very little actual gaming. I updated and bought my first Playdate game ( Lucas Pope's Mars After…

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Published on 22 days ago