Bits & bytes for September 29th 2023

This was the week that saw EA FC get released instead of the typical "FIFA" monicker, but it seems to be largely the usual affair. And…

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Published on 19 hours ago

Bits & bytes for September 22nd 2023

Unity. Unity, unity unity. Has no unity in it's community. We're watching the absolute implosion of a company, helmed by an ex-EA executive…

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Published on 8 days ago

Bits & bytes for September 15th 2023

So I started playing Starfield, and I'm absolutely sold. Magical game. And I'm not a typically big fanboy of Bethesda games. It's playing…

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Published on 15 days ago

Bits & bytes for September 9th 2023

I feel like I'm missing out. Baldurs Gate 3 and Starfield seem too deep and complex for me to be able to pick up and play. My primary device…

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Published on 21 days ago

Bits & bytes for September 1st 2023

While the gaming world gets ready for a huge AAA release in Starfield, distracting everyone, the bad news has been leaking out to hide in…

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Published on a month ago