Bits & bytes for December 8th 2023

While GTA will likely light up most feeds, the Game Awards happened and that had a few bombs dropped, as you'd probably imagine. Sega announcing 5 games (Crazy Taxi and Jet Set.. let's go!), Kojima collaborating with Jordan Peele (keep in mind his last proper horror was PT), Rocket Racing from the Rocket League folks, Blade coming from Arcane & Light No Fire from Sean Murray. Among many others.

As we see 2023 wrap up content coming from the entertainment world, it's hard to really contextualise how good 2023 was for gaming. The current generation settled in, content production picked up post-Covid and we saw Steam Deck properly bring PC games (notably indies like Dredge or Dave the Diver) to a whole new audience. I'll write my thoughts up as we get towards EOY, but it's been a wonderful one.


What I'm playing this week:

  • High on Life
  • Retrowave
  • Jusant
  • Cocoon