Bits & bytes for January 26th 2024

Interesting week in the gaming sphere, because the industry effectively imploded on itself (again). In a year where we're seeing parent companies like Microsoft post record profits, we're also seeing thousands of layoffs across the industry.

I realise ActiBlizz is a huge acquisition that was always going to wind up with layoffs in redundant roles like HR, recruitment, finance, etc., that all can be covered by existing Xbox group staff. But surely, with the aforementioned record profits, some humanity could have been applied to this.

We're in an interesting moment in time. Resentment is high against these companies. Their products are abjectly weaker than they've ever been (despite higher production values) and the entry point to successful indie games is way lower than ever. So my macro optimistic view is that this turmoil will hopefully yield super games in the future from these folks who spill into their own mini-industries.


What I'm playing this week:

  • Nothing!