Bits & bytes for June 2024

Welcome to the first iteration of my weird little gaming blog as a monthly editorial, rather than weekly update. It gives me more scope to breathe, figure out what's going on and synthesise some thoughts. Rather than hop and bash through links and stuff in an effort to catch up to the fact that another week has passed.

In a very separate issue, my very under-utilised Panic Playdate seems to be on the fritz. Trying to play any game seems to have it crash about 2mins into any playtime. All hardware tests pass and resetting does nothing. I've logged a ticket to no avail (yet). A shame because I really want to dig deep on it as I spot so many indies publishing for it, including open source games, which is such a wonderful second-order impact of the device! Notwithstanding my adoration for Teenage Engineering hardware.


What I've been playing this week:

  • Minishoot adventures
  • Hades II