Totally bizarre one on my part, but one game I loved on PS1, but never actually owned, was Overboard!. It was part of a demo disc for the console. I don't recall if it was the official demo disc that came with the console, or if it was catalogued with one of the OPM (Official PlayStation Magazine) issues. I have a funny feeling it was part of that initial demo, because it's etched into my mind with Porsche Challenge and Ridge Racer.

I digress. I have been whinging about getting a copy to emulate for a long time now. It's actually something I've Tweeted about, sought information on and had no luck. Until my brother pointed out that it wasn't called Overboard!. It was called Shipwrecked! in the US. A quick look at how I failed so miserably shows that they were marketed totally separately, and a wiki post hadn't reflected that until more recently.

Overboard! on PSX

So, now I have Overboard! on my Steam Deck, and it's wonderful. Genuinely fun experience to play as a pirate ship, navigating challenges in 3D but designed very much as a 2D side-scrolling puzzle haven.

It also still looks great. I recall this title having a wow factor because the depth of water was evident. It still is, and still feels good to control the ship, fire canon balls and doge fire.