Fanboyism and the Microsoft ActiBlizz acquisition

Ok so this is a weird one. I have a friend who is a parent, a 40 year old, and absolutely a Microsoft apologist, if not outright 1996-style…

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Published on 2 months ago

Choice between tech and story

A story cropped up where a developer from Rocksteady Tweeted (and subsequently deleted his account) that the Xbox Series S was holding…

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Published on 2 months ago


I’ve written longing and loving, Stan-esque posts about Steam. Which, boiled down to it’s core components, is an online shop with a launcher…

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Published on 6 months ago

OlliOlli World

If you’re anything like me, nothing tickles the nostalgic ivories than Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Even a song from the soundtrack is enough to…

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Published on 8 months ago

PS1 and PS2 titles should be on PS5

PS3 users can still access a wonderful library of previous-gen titles from the PS1 and PS2 eras, according to this tweet by Lance McDonald…

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Published on 2 months ago

Gaming as a parent

I decided to siphon off a section of the domain to dedicate it to pusuing the hobby of gaming — something I’ve had my entire life — while…

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Published on 7 months ago


Totally bizarre one on my part, but one game I loved on PS1, but never actually owned, was Overboard!. It was part of a demo disc for the…

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Published on 2 months ago

Analogue Pocket

I own Analogue's MegaSt and SuperNt. Which respectively are their FPGA-powered MegaDrive/Genesis and SNES pieces of hardware dedicated to…

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Published on 2 months ago

Steam deck

After a year of waiting, I’ve finally been graced with a Steam Deck. A new console, of any variant, is always a momentus occasion. Not least…

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Published on 8 months ago

Super Potato

I've been lucky in my life to have travelled a decent amount. Primarily for work, but have always made the effort to bring my wife along and…

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Published on a month ago

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