Some indie love for you

I was trawling around the internet, as you do. And I came across two cute indie games worth checking out. They have a bit of a twist: they're being built for the 16-bit era. Which has seen a bit of a resurgence with FPGA hardware. And notably, the Analogue Pocket.

The first is Inky the alien, which looks adorable. They've also been documenting their journey on gbadev forums. It sounds laborious because tools just aren't available (or at least, open source) so coding in assembly is necessary. And as someone who just about passed an assembly module in college, I can attest to how miserable that sounds.

Inky the alien

Next is Moon Escape, which is also latching onto that "what if GBA didn't go away" nostalgia. But even more fun, you can buy cartridge hardware for it!

Bloom is built for the PlayDate, which is a wonderful little handheld with a crank (hard to explain this otherwise, to be honest). This isn't one I've played yet, but it's on the list.


Traumatarium for GB is another excellent modern thinking of retro style. And to boot, it's free!


World of horror is an absolutely stunning looking title, and plays tribute to old school horror Macintosh games from Japan.

Project Blue is a brilliant looking action adventure NES title.

Gluf is a 16-bit era Megadrive title that just feels wonderful. I've not gone too deep on it as I'm simply loading up my Analogue Pocket at the moment, but this is a must-go when I'm next on a bus!

Arkagis Revolution is a top-down space shooter, again for Megadrive. I love these types of games, including more modern ones that hark back to these old classic styles.